Cakephp LanguageComponent 2014 github

Manage the language of your CakePHP 2.x application with a parameter in the URL


To install this functionality to your CakePHP application, simply copy the "app" folder of this project into a new CakePHP application. If your application isn't a brand-new CakePHP installation, you may have to copy and paste the individual functions/lines into the right files. For complete installation notes, visit this link.


The unmodified files of this project add a mandatory language parameter to the URL of your application, except for "Home". Your application's URLs will look like:

You should be able to change the language of the current page by changing only the language parameter in the URL. To generate a generic language-changing link, use a variant of the following in your layouts or views:

echo $this->Html->link('Français', array('language'=>'fr'));


Original idea by Dorin Moise

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