Personal projects

SC Trade Tools 2020 github www

SC Trade Tools is a platform where you can find trading-related tools for Star Citizen, tailored precisely to you! With always up-to-date data, powerful filters and fancy optimization algorithms, you're sure to find your ideal trade route!

Website Java Spring Boot AWS Angular Javascript

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PHP JSON Iterator 2020 github packagist

PHP package to iterate through large collections of JSON objects

PHP Packagist

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Durmand Scriptorium 2014 github packagist

PHP package to consume the Guild Wars 2 API.

Available on both GitHub and Packagist, the popular PHP package repository, it is has seen some use by the community and is listed on the official wiki. This library also boosts extensive documentation.

PHP Packagist

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Cakephp LanguageComponent 2014 github

Sample code demonstrating how to manage the language of your CakePHP 2.x application with a parameter in the URL.

At the time I was struggling with locale-changing code for my previous personal website and couldn't find a readily-available solution. When there is no satisfactory solution, the only thing left is to create one yourself! And that's exactly how this project came to be.

CakePHP Internationalization PHP

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Hollow Dice Roller 2013 googleplay

The simple and quick-to-use dice roller you need! This easy-to-use app will rapidly become your best friend in all your tabletop RPGs and board games!

I always found the other dice-rollers available on the Android store to be somewhat inadequate: they either had too many features or lacking some. So one summer, I took upon myself to learn Android development and came up with this application!

Java Android

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Ekarnos 2009 www

Ekarnos was a online management game set in a medieval fantastic universe. Hundreds of players tried to reach the top spot of the leader board between 2008 and 2013.

This entrepreneurial initiative allowed us, two of my friends and I, to win the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest 2009 - Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean - College. As part of this project, I created a reliable browser-based game, managed a community of players and kept track of our finances.

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